What are American odds in sports betting?

The main thing that you have to learn is the fact that in the USA all the issues in odds revolve around the amount of 100 conventional units, or, well, 100 dollars. American odds can be either positive or negative. Of course, this makes it difficult to understand, because you have to memorize two principles at once. Let’s look at how to understand it all and how to help with this https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/sport.

First, let’s talk about positive values. So, if you see an American odds with a plus in front of any value, you must realize that you are facing the answer to the question, “How much profit will I make betting $100?” That’s all there is to it.

Thus, an American odds +150 would mean that a bet of $100, if successful, would yield a net profit of $150. Note and remember: in this case +150 – it is the net profit, the amount of bets is not taken into account here. That is, in the case of success, the total payout will not be $150, but $250.

Now let’s talk about negative odds. To make it clearer, let’s take the same figure, only with minus, that is -150. So what does this mean? Here, too, we will need to understand a simple point. The way to read this odds is this: in order to get a net win of $100, you need to bet $150.

Of course, constantly asking yourself such questions and calculating everything without a special formula will be difficult. All the same, players in Russian and European bookmakers are used to betting with decimal odds.