Bookmaker’s offices: description of types

At the moment, the entire betting business is divided into two sides. One part of the offices is aimed at professional players, for whom the main thing is to obtain a permanent income from betting. The other part is more extensive and conducts its activities for a wide range of individuals. Below we will describe the most popular types of BKs and their typical features.


This type occupies about 90% of all betting business. Recreational betting shops are ideal for leisure and excitement. Players have access to a wide range of bets on various events. Such betting shops are ideal for those who just want to place a bet without thinking about the odds.

Recreational bookmakers do not like those players who are well versed in the chosen sport. If the amount of knowledge is too great, the gambler will start winning in all lines. And this will turn out to be a big money loss for the BK. That’s why professional players most often switch to a higher level betting houses.

Recreational offices can be divided into the following types:


Ideal for beginners. No one will cheat with the winnings, but they will not give you a lot of money either. If the administration of the service notices that the player often makes large bets and at the same time wins, his account will be cut. Such BKs are not willing to work to their detriment. 

Reliable and with a great reputation

These offices not only always withdraw funds, but also allow you to win a good amount of money before the account is cut. And this will happen in any case. If the player bets honestly, then the betting company is guaranteed to pay the winnings to his personal account. Do not try to cheat, because the administration will quickly notice it and block the account. 

With a bad reputation

It is better to bypass such offices, if there is no desire to lose personal funds and nerve cells. Unreliable betting companies have the following signs:

  1. They work without a license. 
  2. Masses of negative reviews from ordinary players.
  3. Low scores in reliable organizations that are engaged in the formation of ratings. 

Some bookmaker offices started out quite well, but gradually fell to the bottom because of the indifferent attitude towards gamblers.

For professional players

Such offices can be counted on the fingers. They allow you to win large sums on a regular basis. But before that, the player must prove that he really understands the chosen sport. One of the best representatives is Pinnacle. 

The distinctive features of professional bookmakers are as follows:

  1. Low margin.
  2. Strict line.
  3. Lack of spreads.
  4. High odds even on minor sporting events. 

At first glance it seems that playing in such offices is easy, but it is not so. People with fundamental knowledge of sports, insider information, etc. spend their leisure time there. In professional offices a lot depends on the work of the analytical department. That is where the odds for upcoming matches are formed. 

As for the maximum bet amount, most often there is no limit. It is at the expense of the turnover of funds that such betting companies exist. It makes no sense to talk about reliability, since people from all over the world trust such bookies. It is impossible to find a negative review saying that Pinnacle did not pay the money and cheated the player. The bookmaker office values its long-standing reputation and will not spoil it. 

If a player wants to spend his leisure time pleasantly and earn a little money, the recreational BK will be a great option. Other players are going straight to the professional offices.