The bookmaker’s office did not pay out the winnings: what to do

If a person is interested in gambling and, this question may arise quite often. This article will describe why a bookmaker’s office may refuse to pay out money and what to do in this case.

Types of bookmaker’s offices

If we take the average player from Russia, then for him all betting shops are divided into 2 types: legal and illegal. The latter operate without relevant permits. The competent authorities are constantly fighting against them and prohibit access to the sites. VPN services and anonymizers, which can be used to access the resource, are also prohibited. 

Legal offices have all the necessary permits and licenses. They pay taxes to the state budget. Their activities are regulated by special organizations that closely monitor the fulfillment of all obligations. 

Why they may not pay money

Most often the payments do not depend on whether the organization is legal or not. They are more influenced by the coefficient of reliability. It may look as follows:

  1. BK for professional and experienced players
  2. Reliable offices.
  3. Undesirable for the game.

At the moment there are several proven international resources, which publish a rating of all known bookmakers’ offices. For example, Sportsbookreview. The resource evaluates several criteria at once, ranging from player reviews to available withdrawal methods. 

You should not trust illegal betting companies, because they:

  • often do not pay out winnings;
  • block accounts without a good reason;
  • steal players’ personal data. 

If a player has chosen a professional bookmaker, he is guaranteed to get all the money. Firstly, such offices exist for many years, and they will never spoil their reputation. Secondly, they get a good percentage of the players’ income. There is no point in cheating anyone. 

Less reliable offices may not pay the person the winnings. This happens for a variety of reasons, but the most common ones will be described below.


Players who bet at different odds in several bookies, but always win, are known as forkists. Some betting companies take it easy and even welcome these players, others can impose penalties, up to complete blocking of the account. 

Several accounts

If a player has created a couple of accounts in order to make more money, sooner or later his scheme will be exposed, and the profiles will be blocked, along with the money in your account. 

Missing money

As strange as it may sound, money can simply evaporate from an account. This only happens at illegal or unverified offices. 

Money not paid: what to do

If a player has been cheated by an illegal bookmaker’s office, he needs to write a review on the relevant site. At the same time it will be necessary to attach all the evidence. The BK will be lowered in the overall rating, which will help other people not to make the same mistake. Unfortunately, it is unrealistic to get your money back, as the organization is not legalized in the country.

If you have problems with a licensed office, you must first contact the SRO. This organization deals with such issues. The player is required to attach all materials that are relevant to the situation. Not exactly an even bookmaker can find a clause in the rules, according to which he has the right not to pay winnings.

If the player is 100% sure of the fraud on the part of a legal betting company, he has the right to file an application to law enforcement or the court. But in this case, too, he will have to try hard to prove his case.